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Would you like to Volunteer? 

This year the areas that need volunteers include the kids area, beer gardens, parking attendants, bike valet check-in, set up and tear down.



Interested in Volunteering?

We are looking for community minded people who are interested in ensuring that their family, friends and neighbors have a great time at the Portage Potato Festival.
Think about it as a great way to introduce that young person in your life to volunteering as well. It’s a great family oriented event to do so at. So bring out that child, grandchild, niece/nephew that you love spending time with. You both will feel such a great sense of pride in helping out your community!


Just send us an email – let’s chat!


Day of the Festival we require the following volunteers to help us make it a success! All shifts are a minimum of 2.5hrs – 3hrs in duration. We are looking for volunteers for the following positions:


* FRIDAY MORNING SET UP -4-6 people needed to assist with setting up tables, chairs, signage, barricades etc.
* CHILDRENS AREA -Approximately 15-20 volunteers needed to assist with children’s races, manning inflatable bouncers, afternoon entertainment.
* PARKING LOT ATTENDANTS -Need 12-18 people to direct people to appropriate parking areas.
* BEER GARDENS – Approximately 16-20 people to assist as bartenders, servers, clean-up, set-up and take down, runners etc.  

* FIRST AID – We are looking for as many volunteer as possible who have their First Aid certification to help out the day of. Please be sure to indicate if you have yours when signing up to volunteer.
* SUNDAY TEAR DOWN –  Approximately 4-5 people to help for 3-4 hours taking down snow fencing, garbage pick up, putting chairs/tables/picnic tables back etc.


Volunteers are the backbone of any event and we try our best to make it a fun time for you the volunteer as well.


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